Love & Desire Perfume with Pheromones for Men EDP 100ml

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Pheromone Perfume 100ml, High Concentration Pheromone

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Love & Desire – an original, extremely effective mixture of 4 pheromones. The majority of commercially available pheromones is based on compound; androstenol and  androstenone. The pheromones Love & Desire are the only one which include that two significant ingredients: androsterone and androstadienone. This mixture was made especially to guarantee you maximum effects.

It’s energizing fresh scent, filled with life and freedom. People who use this fragrance, feel special and unfettered. Women define the scent as alluring, appealing, masculine. It consists of aromatic notes: grapefruit, Birch leaf, Cypress, Sage, vetiver, patchouli.

  • Androstenole– will help you in the flirt. It is produced by the male during puberty and has a very strong effect. Its level is usually higher in dominant men. Androstenole affects induction of attractiveness in women and men, and is important in social networking. Women aged 20 to 50 years, are particularly sensitive to its smell.
  • Androstenone – will compel self-respect.  The fragrance is produced mostly by dominative men, what signals the strength among individuals of the same sex. Men use androstenone to attract attention and raise their interest. Men in conditions of high competition, for example athletes, brokers, and even prisoners have a much higher concentration of pheromone. It’s worth to use it, for example at work, when you want to engender greater respect.
  • Androsterone – will build your authority. It’s the most masculine fragrance of all ingredients. To najbardziej męski ze wszystkich składników. It causes a feeling of dominance, but doesn’t  affect the aggression, creating an aura of safety. Naturally reveals a male type of alpha.
  • Androstadienone – will attract women’s attention. “Pheromone of love” affects the change in women’s mood. A research on this pheromone shows the strong impact on women’s brain activity. Androstadienone can go hand-in-hand with effects such as an attention increase, affection, mood improve. Interestingly, this scent can also mitigate the effects of premenstrual syndrome by improving women’s attitude and influencing relaxing effect.

    The effectiveness of Love & Desire base on the years of work and experience of mixture composition. That tall recipe influences on subconscious, mind and spirits, makes atmosphere which aids striking up close acquaintances. Each, who just for once tries this fragrance, feels immediately, like He becomes a man of situation and an object of desire. The pheromone works immediately after application. You’ll be astonished with pheromones’ results. Let us make you surprise and change you life.

    Love & Desire can be used by people at any age. Just spray perfume the same way you have done it until now with your favourite fragrances.


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1 review for Love & Desire Perfume with Pheromones for Men EDP 100ml

  1. Here is my full review on pherotruth.

    Very nice day to day cologne with a slight pheromone boost. More of a musk scent that is bold and masculine. I don`t suggest this as a pheromone base, but more of a finisher to your pheromone package. Pheromone wise this is very balanced. I like the flow of the pheromones in this. What I mean is the Alpha Androstenol and Beta Androstenol hit first which is a good thing, with getting people to open up and get communication going then the A-1 sets in with women and really draws them in. Last but not least is the attraction and status. Effective for day wear and for the price you can`t beat it for a cologne. I would suggest using an alpha blend for daily wear and using this to top it off as the social aspect of this cologne works extremely well with alpha blends.

    • Thank You Johnny Your feedback is always very detailed. This really helps to other people.

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