KANE unscented GEL TESTER pheromone for men 30ml (Liquid Alchemy Labs)

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“Kane” Gel Pheromone TESTER (Liquid Alchemy Labs)

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Not sure is this formula for You? Try unscented “KANE GEL” tester for the lower price (read more here)

This unscented gel formula was created for the purpose of pushing the bounds of the male sexual scent signature for maximum arousal.

Why do we make so many alpha products for homosexual men including this one even though a good portion of homosexual men are not alpha? Well, alpha and beta pheromones work differently with gay men than they do with heterosexual women.

The number one question we receive from homosexual men is, “Which pheromones can I use to seduce a straight guy?” Homosexual men are most turned on by men who look and act straight (We are talking in general) and brain scans show that arousal very much includes the straight man’s pheromone signature and it does not matter if the man being tested is alpha or beta, their pleasure centers still respond to the alpha pheromones. So we figured why not light up the pleasure centers as much as possible?

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