Holy Grail X pheromone for men (Hax Pharmaceuticals) 11.5ml

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“Holy Grail” Extreme 11.5ml + Extra Pheromone Gift 13ml

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“Endless Tail” Holy Grail by Hax Pheromones is a powerful product. The reason is that it contains 10 different pheromone molecules plus Oxytocin and Copulins. The added Oxytocin helps to create bonding and trust between two people, while the Copulins smelled by women create fast arousal. It projects a smooth sexual aura that comforts women and sparks their sexual interest.

Many experienced users noticed that women see them in more sexual way and are not scared to show it. It also very sucessful in breaking the “best friends” barrier with a female friend, increase sexual attention and some naughty talk. It can also be used right before having sex to spice things up.

Pheromone composition (dose) 

Androstadienone (x2), Androstenone (x2), alpha-Androstenol (x3), beta-Androstenol (x3), Androsterone, Epiandrosterone (x2), Androstanone, Androstadienol (x3), Estratetraenol, DHEA Sulfate, Oxytocin, Copulins

Total Pheromone content:

49.9 mg/bottle (10, plus Oxytocin and Copulins)

Total volume:

11.5 ml

Effective dose:

2-5 sprays

Top effects:

Rock Star Alpha Status, Deep Conversation and Eye Contact, Youthful Bonding, Approachable Ice Breaker, Millionaire Suit

Duration of pheromone effects:

8-10 Hours


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