Evolve XS Phermone Spray for Men 5ml (Pheromone XS)

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Evolve 5ml Pheromone Tester (Pheromone XS)

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Most of today’s pheromone attraction blends for men, to attract women, are designed with the more is better concept and 99% of these contain Androstenone. Anyone who understands the unique science of pheromones will immediately understand that this concept is inherently flawed. Anyone who doesn’t know about pheromones will first ask;

What is Androstenone?
Androstenone is the most powerful and widely used sexual pheromone produced by men to attract females. Highly sexual, but adversely, it can also be aggressive and off-putting. Plain and simple, to much androstenone will push your target away! Androstenone is the most highly polar pheromone molecule available. Using it, in most cases, will either create intense emotions of magnetism or repulsion. While repulsion is certainly not the reaction you want to create, it is though still a reaction.

There’s an old Irish saying: “Love me if you will; hate me if you must; but for God’s sake, don’t ignore me.” Unfortunately a common occurrence of to much androstenone is being completely ignored altogether. You are sending an unbelievable sexual signal to those around you that to them, just doesn’t make sense. Usually when we encounter something that is completely outside the realm of normal we simply ignore it. With too much Androstenone this is a common occurrence. Again more is not better and its the biggest complaint of most of the typical pheromone products today.

I discovered a unique two-part system to allow high concentrations of Androstenone (each spray contains 20 mcg of Androstenone) without the negative effects of aggression or just being ignored. You get all the benefits of sexual power and captivating attention of women everywhere in just one product.

It was a mistake! Very carefully I was mixing this latest iteration of my well-known and loved product I had been making for years while taking notes. I was excited and made a huge mistake. Androstenone is molecularly heavy and tends to last on the skin longer than any social or buffering mones that are mixed with it. At the end of the night you have mostly the sexual aggression and very little of anything else. My mistake actually caused all the other molecules to last just as long as the heavier Androstenone and slowed the diffusion down. This means you can wear more and at the end of the night you will still have an equal balance.

Tempering: I used specific molecules to counter any aggression or negative reactions from the high-concentration of Androstenone that I used. This allows you to get all the advantages with none of the adverse effects.

This mix is designed so that anyone can wear it from high school students to senior citizens. As powerful as it is I recommend one spray, but I have worn as much as two if going out clubbing.

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