Chakra Sex Power Pheromones for Men 10ml “Eromed”

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Newest Version 10ml, High Concentration Pheromone

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“Chakra” is the most advanced new generation product, which ingredients knocks down competitive substances. Chakra comprises up to 7 pheromones of extremely high concentration level of 0.727 mg/ml. Thanks to its unique formula experts do not hesitate to call Chakra the most effective among pheromones market.

It’s just  Sex & Power. This fragrance is impossible to describe, you have to feel it! Women who have been asked for opinions, described it as an oriental, determined,  masculine and vibrant. This seductive note works from the first contact.

Thanks to extremely high concentration  (over 7 mg for 10 ml) Chakra was approved as a product of highest quality in its class. Not only Chakra pheromones is indispensable in seduction, but also in communication.

Androstenol, Androstenone, Androsterone + 4 new pheromones that no other pheromone product contains, they guarantee the highest quality.

The scent of this product is very masculine and unique. Other women are left fascinated. Many people had to get used to hearing so many compliments. Such a seducing composition of scents defies description. It must simply be felt.

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1 review for Chakra Sex Power Pheromones for Men 10ml “Eromed”

  1. Johnny Liggett

    I reviewed this over on pherotruth and here is the link to my full review.

    Very underrated to say the least. Just like title says power&sex in a bottle. Very nice affordable oil base pheromone that gets the job done. Synthetic musk scent is very bold and goes with the pheromone package well and both scent and pheromones hit very hard for an oil base. One my most valued packed pheromones. Powerful sexual/masculine blend with beautifying effects as well. No dropper with this one, so it is the dab method. Bold and can easily be used as an alpha blend for daily use, but would suggest a social with it. For the money this is a must have pheromone for any enthusiast in this hobby. This is the real deal and not just some ebay special.

    • admin

      Thank You Johnny Your feedback is always very detailed. This really helps to other people.

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