Captain TESTER Pheromone Spray for men 6.1ml “Pheromone Treasures”

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“Captain” 6.1ml Pheromone TESTER (Pheromone Treasures)

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Captain is an alcohol based pheromone cologne that comes in a 10ml or 30ml sprayer bottle.  There are a guaranteed 7.5mg of pheromones per 10ml bottle (22.5mg per 30ml).  There are 8 unique pheromones in Captain.

Captain, a rank held to the highest standards in every situation. The captain of a ship, the captain of an aircraft, the captain of a sports team, what do they all have in common? These are the individuals that lead everyone to get the job done. A Captain has led every expedition, led every sailing ship, flown every transcontinental airliner, led every fleet of warships, and every battalion of soldiers, contributing the the victory or loss of every war…ever.

A Captain is not just any random Jane or Joe, Captains are selected. These are the men and women that work their way from the bottom of the totem pole, and rise to the top. Captains are chosen by their people to lead their people, and they are chosen because they have become the best of the best. They are chosen because they are the most efficient, the most experienced, and the best leaders. A Captain is expected to have the trust and respect of their entire crew because the Captain is the one who will lead them to victory or failure. Everyone wants to work for the Captain, and many want to BE WITH the Captain.

We named this product after these individuals who change the world because that is the signature we have aimed for. A special blend of 8 different Pheromones is used in this awe inspiring work of art. With this product you will get exactly what you ask for; with 22.5mg of Pheromones per 30mg bottle, nothing goes to waste. There is no filling, no unnecessary additive. Everything is mixed perfectly to give you the Pinnacle of Status Leading/ Leader Products. This product is such a success that it inspired one of our staple fragrances that you may choose for every bottle, Cold Water. However, not a single fragrance could be chosen as standard, as every Captain is their own entity.

Wherever you work, whatever you do, know that this product will rise you to the top of every situation. So order Captain today, and BE a Captain NOW!

General Recommended Dosage – 1-3 drops

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