C4 ™ EXTREME pheromone for men (Hax Pharmaceuticals) 11.5ml

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C4 Extreme 11.5ml, High Concentration Pheromone

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Pheromone composition (dose) 

alpha-Androstenol (x3), beta-Androstenol (x2), Epiandrosterone (x2), Androstadienone (x2), Oxytocin

Total Pheromone content:

26.4mg/bottle (4, plus Oxytocin)

Total volume:

11.5 ml

Effective dose:

2-5 sprays

Top effects:

Group acceptance and easiness, Trust, Approachability, Extroversion, Icebreaking

Self effects:

Elevated mood

Duration of pheromone effects:

4-6 Hours



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