Aqua Vitae TESTER unscented pheromone for men 6.1ml (Liquid Alchemy Labs)

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Aqua Vitae 6.1ml Unscented Pheromone (Liquid Alchemy Labs)

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Aqua Vitae uses a proprietary mix of seven of the highest quality human pheromones, with the predominant pheromone being Androstenone.
Androstenone creates a dominant, powerful, alpha impression, resulting in high sexual tension and selection.
Androstenone is well known for the ability to make both sexes more respectful and polite to the wearer

We use six other pheromones to help stabilize and supercharge the use of Androstenone, balancing out its intimidating effects while increasing the trust and friendliness feelings, thus maintaining the powerful aura of the strong male. We push the pheromone levels as high as possible while avoiding any overdose possibilities, making this the highest quality pheromone cologne today.

Our proprietary blend will give your image many powerful enhancements above the Androstenone effects, like:

Strangers of both sexes will feel comfortable talking with you, thus raising your social status.
Women will feel closer to you and have more romantic feelings when you are around.
You will give the impression of being more masculine, energetic, and fit.
Your presence can actually lift women’s moods and alleviate depression making them want to be around you.
You would think by now you would have bought this. We have a 100% money back guarantee! What are you waiting for?
We could go on forever with reasons and promises but the best way to know, is to DO, otherwise you are just dreaming.  It is not like you need permission. Go for it.

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