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Alpha Q pheromone perfume for men 60ml (S1ck)

(4 customer reviews)

£ 100.00 £ 78.90

“Alpha Q” (3 Versions) 60ml, New & Improved


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Version 1 (Original) – 36mg pheromone Concentration
Version 2 – 48mg pheromone Concentration + increased amount of Bergamot perfume oil

Step into the world of seduction and be dominated by pure masculine musk. Leading her to recognize your Alpha male demands. This noticeably fresh lingering scent, designed with intoxicating human pheromones created by specialist Liquid Alchemy Labs will  invoke the sexual awakening of a true Alpha, with a high sexual appetite to release it’s hunger in a vibe that hits hard and fast that once is on, you let her know what you want  “ALPHA Q”


Scented, Unscented


Pheromones 36mg, 48mg per bottle

Scent notes:

Top: Blackcurrant, Bergamot, Pineapple, Exotic Licorice, Pink Lime
Middle: Rose, Patchouli, Limewood, Sichuan Pepper, Bamboo, Sage
Base: Oakmoss, Musk, Vetiver, Sequoia Wood, ISO-E super (Molecule 01)


Optimal results spray 2-3 sprays in straight line while pushing down on nozzle about 1 inch on desired area.

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 0.01 × 0.01 × 0.01 cm


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4 reviews for Alpha Q pheromone perfume for men 60ml (S1ck)

  1. Thank You for wonderful customer support and fats shipping. Greetings from Australia.

  2. 4 out of 5

    Like it very much. Great perfume and atomic pheromone BOMB. Great price for value. Nice packed 60 ml spray bottle. After getting it GOT few stunning results just in few days. Recommend to try.

  3. Good shit, really works. Best results with two sprays. On neck and arms. Very long lasting. LAL is the BEST!

  4. Purchased this here as it is more local to me and I have been reading through Reviews and Reviews to test for my self, I’ve used others in the past such as Maschio and LIIK by Alpha-Dream although very well put together I have to say this won my vote!!!! I mean the smell itself I’ve been getting compliments left and right from females, Ive noticed guy’s are very responsive to this mone as well, they give me a high respect and status feel, at the same time women just wont stop talking or flirting with me, I know this is the real deal, I use this every day, I may take a break just to see if there are any changes will keep you informed but this is a 5/5 for me thanks guys!!!

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      Thank you for your feedback ?

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